Business Model

OFC Blockchain

OFC Real estate
Globally applicable standardized OFC model.

Decentralized BlockChain
Tokenized fractional ownership and share interest on investment, issue OFC Crypto Currency.

OFC Token Market
Investors purchase, transfer/sell tokenized OFC real estate.


Blockchain Application in Real Estate

  • Digital shares in real estate investment funds
  • Vacation ownership (Short-term rentals)
  • Investment or saving with real estate investment bank
  • Real estate token exchange market

Benefits of BlockChain

  • Application of blockchain technology in digitalizing the real estate ownership
  • Protect investors rights to the benefits of the real estate investment via
    blockchain tokens
  • Multiple investors in a major OFC real estate development project
  • Manage investment capital through blockchain
  • Transfer the ownership right.
  • Transfer and trading real estate (benefit rights) easily and quickly via token
    without going through complicating traditional paper process


OFC Investment Blockchain Platform

Everyone with an access to internet can participate in the global investment flow to trade or transfer the ownership and enjoy the benefits of OFC real estate anywhere in the world.

Further more, increase the opportunities to participate in the real estate investment at lower minimum and also encourage potential large-scaled development investment for OFC model from creditor investors.

The application of Blockchain allows investors transact via Standard Smart Contract, avoid in-person negotiation, automatically create terms and conditions, reduce transaction costs.

OFC BlockChain Technology Model

  • Tokenize OFC real estate assets
  • Issue all-inclusive property backed OFC tokens
  • OFC Capital Investment Program
  • OFC Saving Program (Digital Bank)
  • E-walletUSDT, E, B..
  • Broker – management
  • Strategy policy
  • SmartContract
  • Consensus
  • Return of investment management
  • KYC (Known Your Customer):
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering):
  • CFT (Combating the Financing of Terrorism):
  • OTP smart mobile:
  • OFC Mobile App (Apple Store, Google CH Play